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We strongly believe that each one of us can stand by other in the time of need like a sibling, and that is why we placed “Save Men Save Country” as the tagline of Justice For Men Council.

Justice For Men Council seeks to secure real equality on the ground, beyond empty slogans aimed at winning elections that merely obfuscate the efforts of countless public-spirited citizens and members of civil society over the years and bring no real improvement in the dispensation. We believe that equality is backed by equal access to opportunity, to justice, to economic change, to visibility and redressal of grievances that fester because of multiple systemic lacunae in the Indian social, cultural , political, economic and legal system.

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Our Mission

We will not allow any man to get involved in unnecessary cases, which ladies deliberately do wrong cases.

Our Plan

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Our Vision

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Our Care

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Wrong Cases

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Victim of Misunderstanding

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Intentionally Harass

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Blackmailing a Man

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Pressure on Men

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Wrong Dowry Cases

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Adil Sharfuddin


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Preeti Varshney


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Dr. V.K. Singh


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Special Educator

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Ram Kunwar

Sports Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the common questions

  • What is the ground of arrest under section 498A?

    Since 498A is a cognizable offence, a police office may make an arrest if he receives a complaint which shows to fulfill the ingredients of 498A, which are cruelty done to a wife by husband or/and his relatives.

  • If anybody practices cruelty, or demands the dowry, the person would be accountable to be prosecuted criminally for an offence under Section 498 A. “Victim” in DV can approach the Magistrate with an application complaining of Domestic Violence. Victim can ask for various reliefs mentioned in the provision. The reliefs can be like maintenance, shelter, custody of child etc.. Court may pass sentence as well.

  • Sole custody means that the child lives with only one parent. Shared legal custody means that both parties have equal input and the right to determine, jointly, all aspects relating to the legal custody of the child.

  • Having legal custody of children means that you are responsible for making decisions about the important things in their lives. Physical custody refers to where the children live on a regular basis.

  • The power under Section 127 of CRPC flows from Section 125 Crpc itself, any person who receives, a monthly allowance under section 125 of Crpc for the maintenance or interim maintenance, such as wife, child, father or mother, the Magistrate can make such alteration in monthly allowance depends on proof of a change in the circumstances of the appropriate case. Alteration in allowance and Enforcement of order of maintenance are defined under Section 127 of CRPC 1973.


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